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Speaker for Radiology Conferences - Veronica James
Veronica James
Australian National University, Australia

Title: Wiping out the deaths from prostate cancer

Speaker for Radiology Conferences - Jürgen Arnhold
Jurgen Arnhold
German Society for Urology, Germany

Title: Basics and clinical applications for photodynamic tumor treatment

Speaker for Radiology Conferences - Angel Arnaout
Angel Arnaout
University of Ottawa, Canada

Title: The Specimen Margin Assessment Technique (SMART) Trial: A novel 3D method of identifying the most accurate method of breast specimen orientation

Speaker for Cancer Conference - M.Amin Nezami
M.Amin Nezami
Pacific Medical Center of Hope, USA

Title: Epigenetic regulation of hypoxia: Modifying metastasis by regulating epigenome. A case review of multi targeted epigenetic therapy (MTET) and its application in Stage IV renal cellcarcinoma

Speaker for Cancer Conference - Jayashree Paknikar
Jayashree Paknikar
Creighton University School of Medicine, USA

Title: Ovarian cancer screening: Past, present and future

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Michael Weber
Michael Weber
Weber medical Laser Treatment and Research Centers, Germany

Title: New methods and laser technology in photodynamic cancer therapy

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Barbara Wood
Barbara Wood
Boob Buddies Inc., Australia

Title: A holistic approach -cancer care: The importance of gratis in-home oncology psychotherapeutic support

Speaker for Oncology Conferences - Khushwinder Kaur
Khushwinder Kaur
Panjab University, India

Title: Nanoassemblies for nutraceutical delivery systems: Role in cancer prevention

Speaker for Oncology Conferences - Razia Bano
Razia Bano
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre Lahore, Pakistan

Title: Breast cancer in very young women (less than 30 years): Demographics, treatment and prognosis

Speaker for Oncology Conferences - Christian Ntizimira
Christian Ntizimira
Rwanda Palliative Care & Hospice Organisation (RPCHO), Rwanda

Title: Delivery palliative care in cancer care: lessons learnt from Rwanda post genocide society in global perspective of humanity

Speaker for Oncology Conferences - Martin Klabusay
Martin Klabusay
Palacky University, Czech Republic

Title: Blasticplasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm: How -diagnose and treat very rare cancer

Speaker for Oncology Conferences - Mahmoud Rezk
Mahmoud Rezk
NCI Cairo University, Egypt

Title: The role of DWIBS in assessment of cancer patients; breast cancer for example

Speaker for International cancer conference - Mustafa Pehlivan
Mustafa Pehlivan
Cyprus International University, Cyprus

Title: Discovery of a new anti androgen compound

Speaker for International cancer conference - Zulfiya Shafigullina
Zulfiya Shafigullina
North-Western State Medical University named after I.I Mechnikov, Russia

Title: Urinary steroid profiling in the diagnosis of adrenocortical cancer

Speaker for International cancer conference - Kerim Aslan
Kerim Aslan
Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey

Title: Differentiation of low grade meningioma from high grade meningioma: Diagnostic value of combined use of MR diffusion parameters

Speaker for International cancer conference - Chinedu Simeon Aruah
Chinedu Simeon Aruah
National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria

Title: Anaemia in cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy: Our experience at the national hospital Abuja, Nigeria

Speaker for International cancer conference - Alessandro Bacuzzi
Alessandro Bacuzzi
Varese University Hospital, Italy

Title: Interventional radiology and anesthesiology: Collaborative approaches -quality patient care

Speaker for Cancer Conference - Xiufen Zheng
Xiufen Zheng
University of Western Ontario, Canada

Title: Macrophage inhibitory factor 1 in DCsnegatively regulates DC development and function, and suppresses DC-mediated antitumor immune response

Speaker for Cancer Conference - Madiha Rehman
Madiha Rehman
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Pakistan

Title: Expression of β -catenin and bcl-2 as prognostic determinants in different immune subsets of triple negative breast cancer in pakistani patients

Speaker for Cancer Conference - Debjani Dasgupta
Debjani Dasgupta
D. Y. Patil University, India

Title: Integrative approach -combat cancer

Speaker for Cancer Conference - Oliver Szasz
Oliver Szasz
St.Istvan University, Hungary

Title: Change of paradigm in hyperthermic oncology

Speaker for Cancer Conference - Nadia Shirazi
Nadia Shirazi
Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, India

Title: Evaluation of tumor associated tissue eosinophilia and other histomorphological variables as markers of metastasis in squamous cell carcinomas

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Ravi Kiran Pothamsetty
Ravi Kiran Pothamsetty
Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital, RCC, India

Title: A prospective randomized comparitive double arm study -evaluate the responses and toxicities with conventional ebrt vs. Imrt after neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) in locally advanced oropharyngeal cancers

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Rebekka Manohar Marri
Rebekka Manohar Marri
Tata Memorial Centre, India

Title: Management of vesicovaginal fistula in advanced gynaecological cancer patient with innovative device

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Borislav D Dimitrov
Borislav D Dimitrov
University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Title: Physical activity levels following neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy and an exercise training programme in people with locally advanced rectal cancer

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Virendra Vyas
Virendra Vyas
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, India

Title: A hospital based retrospective analysis of cervical cancer patients attending in a rural medical college in central India

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Malihea Khaleghian
Malihea Khaleghian
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Title: Correlation of amplification/expression of C-MYC gene and survival time amongst patients with stomach cancer

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Shaista Suhail
Shaista Suhail
D.B.P.G.C, Raebareli, India

Title: Herbs - A novel weapon for drug therapy in treatment of cancers with reference -oral carcinoma

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Orynbassar Karapina
Orynbassar Karapina
Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

Title: Epigenetic reprogramming of cancer cells under the influence of embryonic microenvironment

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Maxim Rossmann
Maxim Rossmann
University of Cambridge, UK

Title: Non-invasive prostate cancer diagnostic

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Yoshiaki Omura
Yoshiaki Omura
New York Medical College, USA

Title: Optimal dose of vitamin d3& optimal dose of taurine were found -have safe & effective anti-cancer effect with additional significant excretion of bacteria, virus, & toxic substances through urine. Overdose of these substances often resulted in cancer-promoting effects: factors promoting and inhibiting these anti-cancer effects

Potential Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Maciej Harat
Maciej Harat
The Franciszek Lukaszczyk Oncology Center, Poland

Title: Pre-irradiation tumour volumes defined by MRI and dual time-point FET-PET for the prediction of glioblastoma multiforme recurrence: a prospective study

Speaker for Radiology Conferences - Francesco Arrigoni
Francesco Arrigoni
University of L’Aquila, Italy

Title: Solitary and painful bone lesions: The role of the interventional radiology

Speaker for Radiology Conferences - Quratulain Badar
Quratulain Badar
Ziauddin University, Pakistan

Title: State of the art - Adaptive radiotherapy

Speaker for Radiology Conferences - Reza Chaman
Reza Chaman
Yasuj University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Title: Prediction of breast cancer incidence trend in Iran till 2020

Speaker for Radiology Conferences - Fouad Al Dayel
Fouad Al Dayel
King Faisal Specialist Hosptial and Research Center, Saudi Arabia

Title: Molecular markers and pathway analysis of colorectal carcinoma in the middle east

Speaker for Radiology Conferences - Yousif Mohamed Yousif Abdallah
Yousif Mohamed Yousif Abdallah
Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia

Title: Assessment of chest organ motion in external beam radiotherapy

Speaker for Radiology Conferences - Yona Keisari
Yona Keisari
Tel Aviv University, Israel

Title: The Development of an integrated novel alpha radiation based- radiotherapy and immunotherapy cancer treatment: From pre-clinical -clinical trials